MT Ranked #2 for most likely deer collision
By angelamontana

Posted: October 2, 2018

Brodie Hurtado, a State Farm Insurance agent, recently put out the following information regarding deer collisions with vehicles based on the claims received over the last couple of years.  The information was used to determine the likelihood of a deer collision, and can you guess where Montana is ranked?  Number two.

Here are the numbers:


– Estimated Claim Count 2017-18: 14,098

– Estimated Claim Count 2016-17: 13,640

– 1.3% Increase in Claims

– Licensed Drivers in MT: 797,145

– Likelihood of Deer Collision: 1 in 57

For those looking for tips on avoiding deer collisions, here are some (basically common sense, in my opinion) tips Hurtado included:


  • Stay alert and keep your eyes up. Pay attention to “deer crossing” signs. Scan down the road and off to each side. Be especially watchful in areas near woods and water. If you see one deer, there are probably others nearby.
  • Be especially vigilant during peak season. Collisions can happen any time of year, but fall is peak time for crashes because it’s both hunting and mating seasons, forcing deer to roam outside their normal territory.
  • Watch out at mealtime. Between dusk and dawn animals usually venture out to eat.
  • If you hit a deer move your vehicle to a safe location, if possible, then position yourself and any other people involved in the crash in a safe location until help arrives.
  • Never approach an injured animal. A hurt, scared animal poses serious threats to people. Only those with special training should attempt to help. Do not take the animal home or try and dispose of it yourself.  In some states you may obtain a road kill possession and/or salvage permit. Know the laws in your state. Most often you can find these with the Department of Fish and Wildlife or the Department of Natural Resources.
(feature photo via State Farm Insurance)
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