By Montana Grant

Posted: October 28, 2018

Technology has really changed the way we enjoy the outdoors. Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, boater, skier, biker, ATVer, or just a weekend warrior, your technology is in your pocket.

Many sportsmen carry their cell phone for taking pictures. Instant pictures that allow them to instantly share their experiences.  A GPS device in the technology allows them to get instant weather updates, precise locations, and rescued if needed. If you have a question about a plant, location, history, or directions, Googling is the ticket.

One of my hunting friends can instantly view a map of the hunting area with boundaries and landowner names. This helps in gaining legal access, staying on public land, or discovering new areas to explore.

Go Pros and other forms of attachable cameras allows users to film racing down a hill, shooting the rapids, or harvesting a fish or critter. Guides film shots to see if the critter is hit in a vital area or was missed. Once the critter is found, a quick map review on the cell phone will show the quickest way to the road.

Technology has features such as lights, compass, music, messaging, and of course the phone. Years ago, I was deer hunting one evening. It was the first time that I carried my new flip phone afield. Near sunset, I shot a deer and tracked the blood trail to its finish. As I sat on the hillside watching the sunset, I called my Dad. He was up in age and could no longer hunt. He did enjoy the stories and always gave advice. “I am in deer hunter’s heaven!”, I told him. He was glad to be a part of my hunt. I sent him a picture and used the phone light to help dress the critter. A quick map check showed me a fire road that was close and not uphill. Once in the truck, I plugged in the music app for the ride home.

New generation sportsmen are lost without their tech. God forbid they can’t get 4 bars, Wi-Fi, or a recharge. They can’t imagine life without it. I often miss messages or calls because I am not attached to my cell phone. Real sportsmen can use real compasses. Making personal contacts is best when face to face. Real flashlights work better than a phone light.

I do enjoy the camera.

Montana Grant

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