By Montana Grant

Posted: October 6, 2018

To be a “One Shot Hunter”, you need to know when to make your “One Best Shot’. Anyone can learn to shoot at a target or on a range. This certainly helps. There is no excuse for lack of trigger time. The more you shoot, the better marksman you will become.

No one wants to miss. This means that you need to focus when the time to shoot happens.

Know the range   Using a range finder, identify landmarks ahead of time. Know that the fencepost is 150 yards, the rockpile is 300 yards, etc.

               Know the anatomy   Be familiar with where the best place to kill the critter is. Normally this is the lungs and heart. Aim for the exit so the shaft or bullet will pass through these vitals. You also want to limit destroying meat.

Hold Steady     Use a sling supported hold, a rest, or shooting stick. Take your time to identify the shot. Know the background, obstacles, or safety concerns.

               Breath   Take a full breath before you shoot. Let half out and hold steady. Now squeeze the trigger.

               Squeeze the trigger    Don’t jerk or pull the trigger. This will result in a flinch or miss. Relax, hold steady, and slowly ssqquueeeezzee the trigger.

Now observe the behavior of the critter. Did it fall, hunch, run, jump, or?  Identify a landmark so you can find the exact spot it was standing on the shot. The weapon should surprise you when it goes off.

Aim small, miss small!

Montana Grant

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