Youth Hunter Tags First Buck During First Day of First Hunt
By angelamontana

Posted: October 19, 2018

This youngster bagged her very first buck on the first morning of Montana’s two-day youth hunt–and what a beauty that buck is!  Ten year-old Brenna Bush, from the Bitterroot valley, tagged this critter using a 6mm during her first hunting trip with a tag.  According to Brenna’s grandmother, Coral Maxwell, the 6mm belonged to Brenna’s Great Grandmother, Rosemary Coulter, who bagged her first elk with that same rifle.  Following that, it was then passed down to Coral, Rosemary’s oldest daughter, where she used it to tag her first antelope and her first deer.  Coral’s sons (Brenna’s uncles), Jason and Jamey, both used the 6mm during their first years of hunting, too.  This whole story is pretty darn special.

Brenna has accompanied her dad and grandparents hunting over the years, so she is no stranger to it, but this was her first time being able to be the hunter that tags the deer.  She is obviously a good shot and keeping the tradition of firsts with the 6mm going.  Thanks to Brenna, her sister, brother, mom and dad get to all enjoy fresh venison!  She plans on doing a European mount with the head.

Awesome work, Brenna!