By Montana Grant

Posted: November 4, 2018

No one wants to feel miserable when afield. Hunting and fishing when you are cold, wet, and uncomfortable is no fun. About the time you begin to fidget, quit, shiver and shake, the big bull, lunker, or flock will show up.

There are such great products available today that there is no excuse to be miserable. Here are some things to consider.

Think Layers    Dress in layers so you can add or remove layers as you sweat or get cold. Thin layers are comfortable and fit well. Make sure the garments you are wearing are the correct size. Getting a size up allows for motion or layering.

Polar Fleece and wicking materials are awesome. These materials keep any moisture away from your skin and keep you more comfortable.

Hats are huge! Most heat escapes from your head. Carry a few styles of hats. If one gets too sweaty, get out another. When moving, ear a lighter hat and a heavier hat when stopped.

Baby Wipes!!! Heat rash, chaffing, or irritations from walking can ruin the day. I have guided hunters that had to stay in camp a few deals due to poor hygiene.

Stay Hydrated!  Most aches and pains can be prevented by drinking plenty of fluids. Try sport drinks that have extra vitamins. Propel is a great cramp preventer.

Hunt within your limits! Take your time and hunt the way you enjoy. Ground blinds can be more effective than tree stands. Slower is often more productive. Know your area and relax. Anxiety can ruin your day.

Even a miserable day is better than work!

Montana Grant

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