By Montana Grant

Posted: November 20, 2018

Holiday dinners and family gatherings may require the average sportsman to say grace. Hunters, fishermen, and sportsmen do not have to be taught about the great outdoors and a creator. We often say a silent prayer when we harvest our wild game. Perhaps a sprig of grass is placed in the critters mouth as it is faced toward the sunset.

We all know how to give thanks but… some of us are personal and quiet about saying grace and giving thanks. Churchy people can go on for hours about God, thanks, and whatever comes into their mind. They may require everyone to hold hands and bow their heads. Grace may require you have to give an opinion or comment.

Here is a simple grace that a Sportsman can use for all occasions. It is short, sweet, and simple. It should not offend anyone and covers all the bases.

For Food, for Raiment, for Life, for Opportunity, for Friendship, and Fellowship, we thank thee oh Lord!” Amen

This prayer is also known as the “Wilderness Grace” and is often used by outdoorsmen. In Boy Scouting, it is known as the “Philmont Grace” and is used at the New Mexico Philmont Scout Ranch.


It is easy to remember and always well accepted. Oh, and Raiment means apparel or clothing. This seldom used word comes from the bible and reinforces that we are thankful to be fed, clothed, and happy.

Time to eat!

Montana Grant

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