By Montana Grant

Posted: November 1, 2018


Wearing eye protection, when outdoors, is essential for looking your BEST! Whether you are shooting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors, wearing decent glasses is a must. Not only can good glasses help you improve and enjoy the outdoor sport you enjoy, they also protect your eyes.

If you had to lose one of your basic senses; hearing, touch, smell, taste or sight, which would you pick? For me, sight is something I can’t imagine being without. Not being able to read or enjoy what the world offers would be tragic.

When selecting a new pair of glasses, don’t be cheap. Features to consider are:

Frame style: I suggest light and strong. Wraparounds are not cool on hot days. I find that they are hot and promote sweating. They do protect your sides well. Make sure you get a comfortable fit.

Lens construction: Select a lens that protects your eyes completely. Glass is heavy and uncomfortable. The military makes an impact resistant optical quality lens called Trivex. It is expensive but your eyes are worth it. Poly carbonate lenses and Cr-39 impact resistant lenses are also great choices. Sunglasses protect your eyes from hooks, sticks, bugs, and other objects.

Lens colors: Polaroids are the way to go. I wouldn’t go fishing without them. Brown polaroid lenses are my choice for most river and stream fishing. On open water, I go with gray polaroid lenses. For shooting and hunting, I use amber or red lenses depending upon the weather and time of day. These lenses add incredible detail to your vision.

Care: Next, buy a string or cord attachment that fits onto the ear pieces of your frames. A little silicone glue such as “Goop” will hold the string on nicely. When you take off your glasses, hang them around your neck or onto a hook. This way you keep your lenses protected and clean. Use a silk cloth and real lens cleaner when cleaning your lenses. Paper towels, rags, or your t-shirt just scratch your great view. A case is also a good idea.

We all enjoy seeing what’s going on. By using a great pair of sunglasses, you can enjoy the view even more.

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