Montana Muley Down!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 21, 2018

Joe Demmon, a good friend of ours, is not only putting meat in his freezer this season, he is also getting a taxidermy mount done on a deer for the very first time in his life–and he didn’t even have to leave his own property in Mineral County to get his buck!  Joe and his wife, Cheryle, have built a phenomenal log home together, and the house was actually built out of telephone poles–how cool is that?

When Joe dropped his muley buck this past weekend, Cheryle decided it was time for them to decorate their walls–and what better way to start than with a big, beautiful muley?!.  Joe has always just boiled his skulls for European mounts rather than mounting, and, at 75 years-old, he is about to get a deer mounted for the first time.  Joe chose an excellent taxidermist from Hamilton to do the work, too, as Kurt Kohn  has done taxidermy work for our family, and we won’t take our animals anywhere else.

Oh, and it’s super easy to skin your buck when you own a crane!

Awesome work, Joe–Congrats!!