By Montana Grant

Posted: December 15, 2018

So where can you store your canoe, boat, or kayak during the holidays? How about putting them in your front yard?

Many communities have covenants that require off street or behind a fence storage of outdoor crafts, gear, and RV’s. Some of you may have to pay for winter storage fees. A positive solution may be at hand.

This season, I took my canoe, “The Ripple Runner”, and mounted it to a wooden horse in the front yard. A lighted Santa was put into the front fighting chair. Blue flashing lights arc along the side to mimic water. An additional rotating water light was also aimed at the canoe to create more realistic wet movement.

Santa is holding a boat fishing pole to support a clear 20-foot length of lights that mimics fishing line. Hooked onto the end is a cut out of a HUGE TROUT!! Obviously from a tracing of one that I normally catch.

The whole deal is connected to a weather proofed electric cord that runs to the front door. One power strip switch runs the entire operation for the Santa Canoe and other front porch decorations.

Now instead of neighbors complaining about boats in the front yard, they are stopping by to take pictures and celebrate the holiday.

Creative solutions such as this allow us to bend the rules while enjoying some holiday fun. I will still need to take down the display after the holidays. Of course, I could add a President figure, Leprechaun, and the Easter Bunny. They all like to fish and by April, the water will be melted enough to hit the river again.

Go with the flow!

Montana Grant

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