By Montana Grant

Posted: December 9, 2018

Hunters and fishermen have a common thread. We love the outdoors and enjoy every moment we can do it! It is easy to talk about our sport but hard to connect sometimes. Recently, in some of my writings, you may have seen me talking about how hard it is to find new outdoor buddies.

As we age, our pool of friends dwindles. Old buddies die, get fat, get lazy, or die! The opportunity to find new friends becomes more limited. Where do we meet new potential outdoor buddies?

When we were young and in school, hundreds of potential candidates were in reach. When we had full time jobs, we had friends that we could encourage to venture into the wilderness.  Many potential candidates were enamored at the opportunity to drift a river, call in an elk, or chase cock birds with a great birddog. As we age, our pool of potential friends dries up.

It is harder to find a great hunting and fishing buddy than a woman. I am sure outdoor women feel the same way. Someone that shows up on time, likes your stories, and is good company. They pay their fair share and have contacts for new hunting and fishing spots. Maybe they are great campfire cooks or just good friends. Man or woman does not matter. We just need a friend and a wingman.

The other day I was shopping at a local sporting goods store. As I walked down the Ice fishing lure isle, I noticed a guy holding a great ice fishing jig. I couldn’t help myself, so I started a conversation. Sporting good stores are like great pick up bars for an outdoor buddy!

His name was Paul. After several minutes of quality BS, we discovered how much we had in common. Bow hunting for elk was huge. Ice fishing for big trout was awesome. Taking kids and novices outdoors was fun. A PERFECT MATCH!

I said to Paul, “We need to be friends!” I handed him my business card and said visit my website and check me out. If you want to hook up, let’s do it!” Being blunt is important for older Farts like me. Time is wasting, and we don’t have time to play around. He said he would call or contact me. We’ll see.

Or not!

Montana Grant

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