By Montana Grant

Posted: December 27, 2018

Hopefully Santa was good to you. Many gifts and new toys may have come your way this holiday. For hunters, fishermen, and Sportsmen, there may be enough “things” to share.

How many hunting packs, fishing rods, skis, bikes, or other outdoor toys does one sportsman need? Try giving some away. Find a rookie outdoorsman, kid, or newbie that could use some functional, gently used gear.

Clean up the rods and reels and find a local fishing derby. Drop off the ready to fish rig to the first kid you see. Go to a gun club and help with gun or hunter education programs. Find a kid or have a lottery to win a gun, ammo, or other gear. Take your old pair of skis and take them to a ski slope rental area. Find a skier that needs some skis and show them how to use your old pair. Just give them away.

Take that old bike and tune it up. Head to a hiker biker trail and find a walker that could use a ride. Show them the roes and just give it away. Its kind of like leaving a huge tip, paying for others groceries, or simply being kind.

Now some of you are saying, “But they are worth good money!” True, but what a great gift and example for a future sportsman. Honestly, you will never remember the stuff once the gear is gone. That empty space in the garage will get filled with new stuff. The Re-Gifted stuff will enhance new sports and opportunities for future sportsmen, instead of just collecting dust.

Welcome to the outdoors!

Montana Grant

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