By Montana Grant

Posted: December 16, 2018

Christmas Tree memories can be made with every tree you cut. A great way to remember Christmas Seasons is to save a little of Christmas pasts. Here’s a way to cut Tree Cookies and decorate them as gifts or to hang on your own annual tree.

Many Montanans still trek into the forest to harvest an annual tree. Fake trees be damned!  The smell and feel of a fresh tree bring us closer to nature. Cutting the annual tree means a family event. Hats, gloves, coats, boots, and love are all packed into the truck and off we go. Maybe some hot chocolate at the end of the trek seals the deal.

When we first moved to Montana years ago, our family headed out into the forest to cut our first Montana tree. After looking for the tree that was just right, we cut our special pine. Since the trunk was too long, I cut it off and then used the chop saw to make a bunch of ½ inch thick Tree Cookies.

Tree Cookies are little wheels, but you could cut them into a more oblong shape. Cutting the cookies near the base of an old branch creates an additional shape. It is best to allow the discs to dry before trying to make them into a craft.

The bark, a few needles, and moss add personality to each cookie. No two wheels will be alike. A closer look will age the tree. It is not uncommon for a large high-altitude tree to be 30 years old!

Once the cookies are dry, decorate them. Adding the date and location makes them more memorable. A final spray of clearcoat finish will finish them off.

Attach one to family gift boxes. Mail them across the country to your far away friends so that they too can have a little bit of Montana on their tree as well.

Deck the halls!

Montana Grant

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