By Montana Grant

Posted: January 6, 2019

Survival depends on communication. Animals, fish, and other primitive creatures do this routinely. Critters bugle, howl, cackle, gobble, sing, change colors, move, display, ad routinely interact. In this way they stay alive, mate, navigate and share life together.

Why is it that humans communicate less? Now I am not talking about the “routine” married couples or dating mis-communication, or lack thereof. I am talking about communicating with the rest of the planet.

A closed world makes for a closed mind. Technology is insulating some people from needing to communicate with their neighbors, and community.

Plug in some ear buds and listen to certain tunes while tuning out the world. Joggers, bikers, and walkers go cruising down a highway and have no clue about noises around them. Is a bus coming? Is a lurker about to spring upon you? Is a grizzly bear, mountain lion, rattlesnake, or other predator signaling to strike? How can you safely be aware of your surroundings when you can’t hear?

Cellphone Bluetooth, microphones allow some to communicate while ignoring others. When I hear a person talking, I attempt to respond. These closed callers are sharing a conversation with the world, but you’re not in it.

Cellphone talking and texting while driving is just insane. How can you navigate a tiny keyboard, intelligently, while traveling down a crowded highway? You can’t! If you must talk, at least have the respect for others to do it through the vehicles Bluetooth sync system. Buttons are on the steering wheel or you can use voice commands safely.

No one’s need to communicate is any less or more important than yours. Technology is a convenience and a privilege, not a right.

Turn off your tech and talk to your neighbors. You might make a new friend, prevent an accident, or discover a new fishing spot.

Howdy Neighbor!!!

Montana Grant

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