By Montana Grant

Posted: January 13, 2019

A recent drone strike occurred on Hyalite Lake. While dragging our gear out to the ice fishing grounds, I noticed a drone laying in the sled. My son’s friend, “Jon Boat” was going to practice his Drone Piloting skills while ice fishing.

Now I don’t know about you but if we hunt and fish while trying to do other things, it usually works out badly. Texting while sitting in a tree stand and Oops, there’s a buck in range and you are playing with a GIPHY selection. Trolling for fish on a lake while making a phone call and Oops, you just hit a rock.

So, we get to our ice fishing spot and Jon Boat decides to lift off. The drone starts up and begins an ascent. Suddenly, the Drone has a mind of its own and makes a strafing run on my ice sled. Icemen are ducking for cover when the drone comes to a stop hanging In my extra ice rods, which were sticking straight up in their sled rod holders.

“I just can’t get used to these controls”, said Jon Boat. Thank God none of us got a haircut. Sadly, one of ice rods did. The rod can be fixed but will now be a little shorter than before. Oh Well.

When it comes to fishing, bring the fishing gear and fish. If you are hunting, pay attention to the hunt. When it comes to Droning, bring helmets, protective body armor, and the directions book!


Montana Grant

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