NW Montana Ice Fishing Report by Snappy’s Sport Senter 1.28.19
By angelamontana

Posted: January 29, 2019
Ashley Lake
Around 5” of ice and slush on top. Salmon fishing has been good off the access. Try using a pink Hali or Swedish Pimple with a Rat Finke dropper.Bitterroot Lake
Main body is still unsafe but reports of 6” of ice on the North end with slush on top. A few smaller Salmon being caught in 25’ of water. A pink Hali works well. There have been a few Perch using Pete’s Jaw Breaker and Mighty Mites.

Blanchard Lake
8” of ice and slush. A few people are getting into larger Crappie and Perch. Use a glow green Demon Jig for the suspended Crappie. Perch are hitting on Hali jigs as well as Pink Ratso’s. Look for weed beds around 14’.

Beaver Lake
Solid 6” of ice and slush. The Salmon bite has been good using a silver Forage Fry jib. The Rainbows have slowed.Echo Lake
7” of ice and lots of slush. Great spot for kids to fish as the Perch are biting. Try a Johnson Snare Spoon in 14’ of water off the bottom. Good reports of Whitefish using the Reliable Slayer from Pete’s Tackle. Pike have been slow. Small Mouth can be caught in 25’ of water using orange and white Forage Minnows.

Church Slough
7” of ice and lots of water and slush. Crappie are slowing picking up. A few decent Perch with lots of little ones. Pike fishing has been steady using tip ups / Jaw Jackers with smelt on a pike rig.

Hubbard Reservoir
Good reports of Salmon through 8” of solid ice and slush on top. Try using bright colors of vertical hanging jigs. Rainbows have slowed.

Lake Five
Great place to catch smaller Salmon. Try in 60’ of water 12-20’ below the ice. Johnson Snare Spoons and Hali’s are the ticket. Perch are on the move so hole hopping using perch pattern Forage Spoons.

Lake Mary Ronan
8” of ice and lots of slush. Reports of decent Salmon. A pink or orange Swedish Pimple with a glow green Rat Finke works well tipped with maggots. Perch fishing has been great. Focus on the 18’-22’ range and be prepared to move.

Little McGregor
There have been a few brave souls to venture out on the West end. All other parts are unsafe to use caution!

Stillwater Lake
12” of ice and some slush. Perch fishing has been good in 8-14’ of water. Try Pete’s Sassy Stingers for best results. Smaller Pike caught off tip ups or aggressive jigging a red/white Dare Devil.

Smith Lake
12” of ice. Great place for kids and Pike fishing. Try tip ups or Jaw Jackers with smelt on a pike rig. Jig with a ball jig and a green Twister Tail or a perch pattern Mimic Minnow.

Thompson Chain
Upper is fishing well for Perch. Middle is questionable in deep water. Lower is good, 8” of ice and slush. Be on the move to stay on the Perch. Perch Assault on lower is Feb 2nd. Crystal’s Salmon fishing is good. Horseshoe is picking up as well.

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