By Montana Grant

Posted: January 26, 2019

ICE in your GUIDES!

Keeping your guides free of ice on a freezing day can be a task. Here’s and easy way to maintain ice free guides!

Take some unscented Chapstick Lip Balm and smear onto your guides. This protective barrier will keep the ice from building up. You do not need globs of the balm, just a light smear inside and out of the guides.

While you are checking out your guides, use a Q-Tip to look for any cracks or burrs in your guides. Simply brush the insides of the guides with the cotton tip. Any scratch or burr will hook onto the cotton. Now use a small file or abrasive paper to smooth the burr out. If it is a damaged ceramic or glass guide, you will need to replace them.

Also keep your reel properly lubricated. Avoid laying it onto the ice. Use a rod holder to keep your rig high and dry.

Now you can catch fish ice chip free!

Montana Grant

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