Montana FUN
By angelamontana

Posted: January 22, 2019

There are plenty of things to do in the winter in Montana–hunting, fishing, trapping…and snowmobiling (when there’s snow, of course).  Well, we were fortunate enough to get some snow this past weekend in western Montana, and we decided to combine our trap check and wolf hunting with friends and family from out-of-town with some sledding!

We found coyote sign everywhere around our canine traps, and one even stepped on one of our sets and dug up the bait, but the increased temps caused a layer of frozen snow on top of the trap, so it never did spring.  Darnit!  The wolves were farther down, and  we were hoping to find them during our ride.  We did end up getting on a big wolf’s tracks for quite a while, but we couldn’t make it too far after the road had sloughed too much.  They are out there, and boy-oh-boy, do we have mad respect for people who are getting wolves, and we are not giving up.

I said it the other day, and I will say it again–even if we only get one day of riding in this year, that is so worth it!  Such a blast.

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