Montana Wolf Harvest Update as of 1.18.19
By angelamontana

Posted: January 18, 2019

Congratulations, Montana wolf hunters and trappers!  There have been more than 200 wolves harvested in the state this season–209 to be exact! Nice work!  Keep it up, as wolf trapping season in Montana lasts through February 28th and wolf hunting season ends on March 15th.

Our feature photo today is of Jonny Joner, of Plains, who started 2019 with his first wolf kill!  Congratulations!

Here is what Joner posted on the Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping Facebook page:

What a way to start out the new year! Today I was able to harvest my first wolf!!! This winter I decided that I would be dedicated to trying to do my part for the elk and deer and kill a wolf. After many hour, long days and a couple close encounters over the last month I was finally able to connect. I located some wolves this afternoon by howling and was able to sneak around and get above them. As I was setting up they started howling again right below me and after a few howls back at them and waiting about 20 minutes this black one came in and I dropped him in his tracks at 60 yards. What a adrenaline rush! Can’t wait to get back out there and continue after them.

Here is a breakdown from MT FWP, including the areas with quotas:


100 / 10

101 / 36

121 / 19

130 / 10

150 / 5

200 / 12

210 / 4

250 / 13

280 / 0

290 / 19

310 / 12

320 / 13


390 / 25

400 / 23

Below are the WMUs with quotas: