By Montana Grant

Posted: January 10, 2019

Learning new things never gets old. “The most important things that we learn in life are the things we learn after we already know everything!” We all want to be hunters, fishermen, sportsmen, and stewards of our beautiful wild places.

The Great Rockies Sports Show begins this weekend. Each year shows like this happen in our communities. They sport lots of booths, destinations, RV’s, and things for sale. A trout Pool for kids, music, snacks, calls, and gear are in abundance.

The annual rituals of shows are certainly fun to attend but what is new? Try the new Seminar programs. Experts and celebrities perform demonstrations, seminars, and share information about the outdoor things we all love. Sit in on several of these great shows.

Montana Grant will be demonstrating tips and tricks at the Fly-Tying Theater. “JIGS, KNOTS, and INDICATORS!” This hour-long presentation will highlight some new and different information that will expand your tackle box and help you catch more fish.

Seminars on “Ice Fishing is the Coolest!”, and “Turkey Time!” will also be presented by Montana Grant. He will discuss local ice fishing and teach you how to spend time on the ice catching fish. The Turkey seminar will discuss spring turkey hunting in Montana.

Local clubs and organizations also invite you to join a fellowship of outdoor minded folks. Lodges, destinations, and public places are also on site and can hook you up for some great fishing and hunting adventures.

RV’s, boats, bikes, kayaks, and everything for and about the outdoors sportsman are on hand. This family event is a pilgrimage for every outdoor sportsman.


Bozeman show    Jan. 11-13.

               Billings Show        Jan. 18-20.

               Helena Show       Feb. 22-24.

Check local papers, radio and TV for times and locations.

We will see you at the show!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.