Season’s First Pike for this Angler!
By angelamontana

Posted: January 23, 2019

Joe Mavrinac, from Deer Lodge, recently caught a giant pike out of Salmon Lake!  Joe shared his story with us and included a couple of pictures of the 24-pound pike!

“I ventured out by myself on December 26, 2018 to Salmon Lake wanting to fish for pike, but thinking it would be an ice condition trip.

I really didn’t expect finding fishable ice, but when I arrived the lake was frozen over completely.  I placed my equipment on sled and headed out on the ice staying close to shore checking ice thickness then walking toward the middle when I saw foot prints headed out from the day before.

 I decided to setup a tip-up right in the middle of the lake where I never have set one before in the past of fishin Salmon and walked to the other side to setup my second tip-up.

When I finished baiting and setting up number two I turned around to look at my first rig and saw the flag up. I got to it and it was spinning line off like crazy, so I let it run till it stopped and pulled on the line and total excitement rushed through me knowing I caught something bigger than I ever caught. It took me almost thirty minutes to get it through an 8″ hole and up on the ice. When I pulled it up using line and my ice screener (little hook part) a couple cars slowed down and almost stopped right on the highway.

I couldn’t believe my eyes or the fact I landed it. I was the only one there (besides the Lord) to dwell in the moment of what just happened.

This pike was 42″ long & weighed 24lbs.

The largest fish I ever caught.”

Awesome work, Joe!

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