The F— WORD!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: January 19, 2019

There is a 4-letter word that many life partners hate to hear. This word means time away from home, chores not getting done, excuses for being late and the lack of having your partner close at hand.

FISH is a word that means we celebrate a sport that is great fun. Isn’t that what life is all about? To many FISH is a curse word. “Montana Lin” sometimes thinks so. Every deer and trout season, there is a bump in the road. Montana Grant is nowhere to be found. He is on top of some mountain chasing elk or along some river chasing fish. Even in the winter, ice fishing is a normal routine. He is not hanging out at the bars, or casino, Montana Grant is out in Nature living the dream.

Fishing keeps us centered. Happy fishermen don’t need booze, drugs, counseling, or special attention. They just Fish. We visit beautiful places, breath clean air, and attend to our stress in a healthy and productive way. We follow limits, rules, and safety guidelines. We share our sport with kids, friends, and family. Fresh fish are always on the menu. So, what is the big deal?

It is not about the FISH, they are just the excuse for us to go Fishing. When we fish, we focus o fishing. Bad thoughts flow away like a stick floating down the river. Fresh water passes us and cleanses our spirit and soul. The sounds of nature and fishing Buddies help us laugh, smile, and sing.

The one thing that every fisherman knows is that Presentation is the most important thing when fishing. Maybe we need to find another way to present that we are going to FISH. “Honey, I am going to finish some chores, do some shopping, and I may stop by the river to see some sick friends.”

It’s worth a try!

Montana Grant

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