Essential Knots for the Outdoors
By angelamontana

Posted: February 5, 2019
If you are into hunting, fishing, hiking or camping, the ability to know how to tie several different knots is one of the most important skill you can master. Tying knots might seem like a simple task but, the ability to tie a proper knot at the right time is crucial when you are in an emergency or survival situation.
Imagine you are lost in the woods, you set up a trap to capture an animal but you later find out that your bait escaped because the knot wasn’t secured properly. Or, you lose your fish that you just caught because your hook wasn’t tied properly. There are many occasions where knowing how to tie the right knot is crucial for your hobby or life.
To make knot tying easy for you, Thrifty Outdoors Man put together an awesome infographic that illustrates step by step on how to tie the top knots. These are the best knots to know for every outdoor occasion. You will not regret learning them before you head to the great outdoors. (written by Tom Brown)