Wolf Vs. Man
By angelamontana

Posted: February 13, 2019

A story like this doesn’t even need an introduction, but W O W…if this is seriously true, my gosh.  Sin Anawatin is from Canada and posted the following a few days ago:

I don’t know what to think, I know these wolves are dangerous but from one lone wolf to another there can only be one… mother f###er tried sneaking up on me at my wood cutting area I was trekking in the snow with my chainsaw running getting at 2 good size trees that were down in an angle off the snow….as I was cutting the branches off I felt something watching me so I looked at the tree line and noticed slow movement behind the small spruce trees and there he was standing and his eyes were locked in me and growling showing off his teeth looking all vicious…..and I’m 40 feet from ski Doo and rifle I’m looking around where I am and instinct took over I climbed up the try I was gonna cutt had my Axe and knife in my ski pants and chainsaw too ….so i started it and rev the sh## out of it thinking he will run off but not this guy he was determined to get me and start a fight….so I yelled at him I guess one of us is gonna die today!!!!……but lucky for me I ain’t afraid to die….lol but idk what the hell he came running at me I was about 5 feet off the ground thinking I have the advantage here so I never up the saw and threw it at him to stop and try scare him off and I miss him with the saw for f##k sakes…..so he was 12 ft from me and I had my Axe in one hand and knife in the other he continues his assault running and his two front legs sink in the snow when he was 3 ft from me and his head is above the snow I guess he was gonna jump or something so I launch my fat ass at him and grab his head wrapped my arm around his and started to stab his chest and stomach areas I think 4 times….and got up and wacked him with Axe as hard as I can with the blunt end ….I ran so fast for my rifle jumping over down logs and felt I was floating on the snow…..lol adrenaline going and pumping so fast seconds seemed like minutes the wolf was spinning in circle yelping and crying and he walked slowly limping towards me as I got to my rifle I racked back the bolt and shot him 3 times idk where I just fired at him he was out I walked to him and aimed for his head …..told you one of us ain’t walking away alive…..bang rite threw the ears…..I’m not afraid of these guys…..ppl ask why are ppl killing them well most times they will leave you alone but if they want to kill they will not hesitate to attack anyone……but I’m really lucky he was alone or I wouldn’t be here rite now….lol this was like the 20th time I’ve got close encounter with these guys…but only like 5 times they tried to hunt me down and flush me out ….. So yes these guys are dangerous…..but anyways I’m so happy and proud of my kill gave him an honorable death just like he would have given me…..perhaps today was a good day to die…..but I’m the alpha of the pack now….lol