By Montana Grant

Posted: March 24, 2019

Every state manages their wildlife using laws and regulations. In Montana, here are the most common hunting violations and targets of confusion.

No ethical hunter wants to break the law. Ethical sportsmen must be students of the sport and the rules. Breaking these laws is a choice. Sometimes, the laws and rules change, and hunters end up learning a costly lesson.

Here are some current explanations and definitions of current Montana Hunting rules. Many of the citations written to hunters fall under these categories.

Hunting hours start and end 30 minutes before and after sunrise.

Cross bows are not a legal archery tool. A legal bow must be 28 inches long, have a no more than a 80% let off, be hand drawn, launch arrows 20 inches or longer that weigh at least 300 grains. Surprisingly, crossbows are legal during rifle season.

Illuminated archery nocks are now legal.

No other battery powered electronics are allowed on a bow. This includes lasers, and sight lights.

Expandable broadheads are legal in Montana.

Written permission is required to hunt on or retrieve game off private land.

400 inches of orange is required to rifle hunt. This must be above the waist and not concealed by a pack or garment. Orange is not required to upland bird hunt but is highly recommended.

Evidence of sex must be left on the carcass. Tags must be placed on the largest piece of the carcass. Antler or tagged horns is fine if the carcass is intact.

Aerial spotting of wild game for same day hunting, is banned using airplanes, helicopters, and drones.

Electronic Game Calls are banned.

Baiting is banned for wild game hunting. This includes salt, food, and supplements.

Trail Cams are not legal for hunting.

Be the best hunter that you can be. Rules, regulations, and directions often change. It is our responsibility as ethical sportsmen to know the rules. If you have any questions, visit the FWP office in your hunting region.

Hunt smart and honestly!

Montana Grant

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