By Montana Grant

Posted: March 30, 2019


Sportsmen often get sick! The fishing fever, buck fever, and so many other fevers are so easy to catch. Fall and Spring are prime sick seasons.

I want to make a confession. After nearly 40 years of teaching, I saved years of sick time! I rarely was sick when I used a sick day. This condition does not just relate to me. Many Sportsmen have felt the fever. When Sportsmen get the fever, it needs to be treated!

There are many other kinds of designated and acceptable family and vacation days. They just don’t always happen during the proper seasons. Like it or not a Sportsman needs to hunt and fish! The quality of our work, attitude, and mood is also way better after we take our medicine.

Back in the day, Dad’s never got time off for kids or other more common days off that benefit so many.

We only get so many opening days and Ruts in our lives. Not being able to celebrate these special times is a crime. We put food on the table and cleanse our spirits and souls afield. We perform our jobs better after enjoying a hunt or day on the water.

During my job, we had “Personal Days”. The trick was to never announce what was personal. Administrators and Bosses hated this. They were able to do what they wanted when they wanted but not the employees. That was part of their power and control ego control fix.

We all get sick. If one day afield or on the water can give is a miraculous cure, what is the problem!

Montana Grant

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