By Montana Grant

Posted: March 31, 2019

Remember back when… Things certainly have changed. All of us remember the “Good old Days” Things were so much simpler and easy. We did not have to worry about the issues that are a problem today.

Drive ins   What a cheap and great date! Some drive ins had front and back movie screens. My truck cap included speakers that I could attach to the speakers on the pole. Drop the tailgate and add some pillows, sleeping bags, and a cooler and that was dating!

Walls without Graffiti   We all hate the “art” that vandals spray onto our walls, bridges, and buildings. Its like dogs pissing on everything so they can mark their territory. When was the last time you saw a train car without some stupid logo on it?

Soda Fountains     Milkshakes, real sodas, and great food was always a treat. Something was better when drinking a soda out of a cone cup.

Waving and Talking to a passerby.     Cell phones are more interesting than the person in front of you. How do you make new friends on a hand-held device? Talking to the checkout folks, people you meet, or folks driving by is easy. Communicate in person.

Gas Jockeys.    Remember when a person would pump your gas, check the oil, and wash your windows? Some would even clean your headlights and brake lights. Minimum wage can’t be so high that we couldn’t have a homeless or needy person have a steady job. It would be safer too.

There was also a time when “having a gay old time” was fun, Bad wasn’t Good, and phat was spelled with an F!

Oh well!

Montana Grant

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