By Montana Grant

Posted: April 18, 2019

The River Rock pond in Belgrade, MT. has become a fishing hot spot for the wrong reasons. Bucket Biologists have contaminated the fishery with bluegills and bass. This pond along with 2 others in the area have had these illegal immigrants stocked against state and ecological rules.

MTFWP plans on poisoning these 3 ponds to rid them of the unwanted aliens. Sadly, all the fish in these ponds will also be sacrificed. A chemical called Rotenone will be applied to the water. This poison will impact the gills of the fish. Once diluted, the poison quickly becomes inert.

Some “Fishy Appleseed” felt that they know more about fishery Biology than the rest of us and sprinkled the warm water fish into our public waters. The bass and gills came from the Three Forks ponds. Many other local private ponds may also be contaminated.

Like it or not, much of Montana is native to trout. Trying to make it something else is against the rules. Bass do best in warmer areas and require different needs in the ecosystem. Trout also have needs and this area is trout country.

Some locals prefer bass and other fish and feel obligated to change the fishery for their selfish needs. Once there is a source of illegal fish to stock from, the fish seem to spread. Now the ponds become neither a healthy trout nor bass fishery.

FWP’s Fishery Manager, Travis Horton, said it is not a question about if the fish will spread but when. Currently the proposal is being presented and reviewed.

Fish and wildlife populations tend to migrate and evolve over time. The world is becoming a smaller place.

Nature knows best!

Montana Grant

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