Drawing Results Scheduled for Next Week
By angelamontana

Posted: April 17, 2019

Here’s a message from FWP R6 on social media… and they included that pic below, too:

We have had quite a few questions about when the deer and elk drawing results will come out, as usually it’s about this time.

As of now, according to the FWP licensing team, the plans are to have the results next week, starting April 22. Please keep in mind that drawings for nonresident general deer and elk combos are done first, so those residents/non residents who applied for special permits may not find out until later in the week.

Other important dates coming up:

  • May 1: application deadline for moose, sheep and goat
  • June 1: application deadline for deer B, elk B, and antelope
  • July 1: deadline for supertags

Good luck!

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