By Montana Grant

Posted: April 25, 2019

Local volunteers participated in a successful willow planting along Dry Creek. This tributary to the East Gallatin River, in Belgrade, MT. has seen years of damage, abuse, flooding, and impact.

Agencies are restoring banks, returning the watershed to its original course, and adding grasses, trees and shrubs to the watershed. Shade is a great way to keep water temperatures low. Dense root systems will hold soils and sediments in place. More habitat and health for the entire ecosystem is the outcome.

Trout Unlimited and the Gallatin River Commission was on hand to support this muddy and hard work. About 25 morning volunteers were divided into 4 planting groups. Each group used a “Stinger” to bore into the creekbank. This water powered tool can be shoved into the soil down to 3-4 feet. Once at the water level needed, a large willow stalk was inserted. Shorter trimmed pieces were added into the bank. Clusters of these trees will go a long way to restoring Dry Creek to a healthy resource. Roots will soon form along the entire planted sticks to create a lasting root network.

Willow trees along with the other grasses and plants will also benefit all the organisms in the entire ecosystem.

Activities like this are a great way for citizens to become Stewards of our natural resources.

Volunteer to help our wild places near your community!

Montana Grant

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