By Montana Grant

Posted: April 14, 2019

There are two things about all fishermen. They lose a lot of tackle and they like free stuff. Who doesn’t like finding extra change on the parking lot? We all enjoy finding sheds, arrowheads, gemstones, and cool stuff.

Fishermen especially love finding hooks, lures, nets, or other gear that they can use. Removing this trash is also helpful.

Finding lure or fly boxes is like winning the lottery. Dozens or more expensive treasures can be inside. If they were wet, many may be ruined but if they are on dry land, jackpot! Putting an address label on your boxes is a good idea. Honest sportsmen will return your loss. If not, then finders’ keepers.

Carry a pair of pruners. Flies, hooks, and lures are often decorating the limbs and branches. If you get hooked onto a branch, look closely. You were not probably the first. Look for sections of fishing line. Prune and recycle the gear you find. By pruning the limb, it will not ruin your cast in the future.

Check out logjams. Gear that went overboard often ends up along outside bends. Finding rods boat poles, oars, nets and other gear is common. Cleaning it up is also a good idea. While you are there collect any other trash for proper disposal.

Fence crossings, access trails, or boat ramps also are quality shopping areas. You can also find gear outside potties and around parking lots. Think about where you may have lost gear in the past. Now you are ready to go shopping.

Good hunting!

Montana Grant

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