By Montana Grant

Posted: April 20, 2019

“Outfitters and guides are fish whores and pimps. Rich and privileged landowners are greedy, selfish, and rude. Hunters are bloodthirsty murderers and trophy mongers. Fly fishermen are snobs. Wardens are unfair and corrupt.”

One Poacher labels all hunters. A privileged out of state land owner cheats on hunting licenses and labels the rest as corrupt. One Guide horns in on others fishing holes and all are greedy and arrogant.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Many are based on first impressions or without warrant. Someone else said something so it must be true. Judging all for the stupidity of a few is just wrong.

The Madison River regulations are a perfect example. Everyone wants what they want. Their opinion and desires are more important than anyone else’s. If they yell loud enough, or apply enough pressure, “the Babies will get their milk!” But what about the real issue, the wellness of the trout? Some shortsighted anglers and supporting businesses want their paycheck today and really do not care about the future. It may take the better vision of other guides, fishery professionals, and anglers to manage this challenged fishery. That’s what the fishery needs!

When people have no knowledge or intelligent information, they tend to start yelling and name calling. Hopefully an aggressive approach will take the spotlight off their ignorance, teach some communication skills, and allow some compromise.

Before you can judge, criticize, or give positive input, maybe try doing some homework. Google up the issues and learn about both sides. Change is a hard thing. For some, they prefer to stay the same and defend their inflexibility. These abrasive people need to be left alone. They only cause division and create arguments.

Pay attention to those that can carry on an intelligent and calm debate based on Science and facts. You don’t have to agree on every issue but there is always room for compromise.

We all need to be aware of the messages we are sending others. Outdoorsmen, Sportsmen, hunters and fishermen need to define themselves as ethical, honest, respectful, and good stewards of the land. This is not a stretch for most of us. It is already true and easily defended. Pick up trash, don’t flaunt dead kills in your truck, respect the land, follow the rules

Its funny what a little open mindedness can do. Being rude to others, bullying, name calling, and blatantly disregarding limits, rules, and regulations ruins the sport for all. It takes only one idiot to label an entire sport, race, or group. Because of this, we all need to monitor our ranks. Thinning the herd is a good way to show what we think!

It starts one example at a time!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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