By Montana Grant

Posted: May 2, 2019

Muddy or dirty Spring runoff makes fishing harder. Fish still must eat but finding food becomes harder as clarity of water decreases. This is when it is time get Flashy and Trashy!

Flash means using flies with more reflected light and brighter colors. Trash means bigger, Big Hair Attracting and lots of legs, appendages, oh and did I say Flashy and bright colors? Nymphs and streamers need to be fished slower and deeper.

Shorter, weighted, and deeper drifts are required. Remember that trout are lazy and will be found on edges of the heavier currents. Since the water is off color, trout are not afraid to be in shallower tail outs. Predators can’t see the trout in the dirty water. Areas behind logs, rocks and structure are also good. The water may be dead there, but strikes will be fast and furious. The challenge becomes dragging the fish out of the snag.

The point of fly selection is to be seen. Fish have only a few moments to see and eat. Your presentation needs to match that of a Streetwalker on Friday Night. Add a smile, twitch and sexy shake, and you will be in the money.

You may not catch as many fish during the run off but this is a time when PIGS roam and feed more comfortably. If you are fishing big streamers, try dead drifting them as if they were huge nymphs. Madonna’s will mimic a crayfish; Muddlers will mimic a big good-looking mouthful.

Bring a BIG net and hang on!

Montana Grant

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