By Montana Grant

Posted: May 19, 2019

Native tribes are hunting lawmakers to ban all hunting of Grizzly Bears in the future. These “revered bears” are an important cultural symbol. Proposed legislation would ban Grizzly Bear hunting in the lower 48 states.

Native Americans refer to these bears as “Uncle”, or “Grandfather”. Like Eagles, Grizzly bears are sacred in their culture. Hunting Grizzlies is not a “Sport” to Native peoples.

The Science says that Grizzly bears are fully recovered in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. The Grizz population exceeds 700 bears. Many politicians and Wildlife Managers oppose the bill. “The latest bill substitutes emotional, ideological and sentimental biases that are polar opposites of scientific resource management.”

Grizzly bears were nearly exterminated across much of America. As major predators, they were killed to protect people, livestock, and other wildlife populations. In 1975 Grizz were protected and have rebounded. Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming host the healthiest populations of Grizzly Bears today. Alaska also has Grizzlies and does allow hunting.

Once hunting is permitted, the management of the bears will fall on the state wildlife agencies. Funding and management become a more local responsibility. Federal protection funding would end. A grizzly bear hunting permit could add additional funding to support their wellness and further study.

Bear with us!

Montana Grant

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