By Montana Grant

Posted: May 18, 2019

The Mother’s Day Hatch is on! This early Caddis hatch draws a lot of attention. Caddis will be around all summer and into the fall. Baetis hatches, March Browns, Pale Morning Duns, and Salmon flies are also in the mix.

Fly fishermen love dry fly fishing. There is something special about watching a fish suck in your imitation. Cutthroat Trout are the best. Their surface takes are slow, smooth, and sensual. If you set the hook too soon, you will always miss the strike.

The key to hatches is water temperature. When water gets around 50 plus degrees, the bugs begin to hatch. When the bugs first hatch, the fish must identify them first. The bugs are safe for a few days then the bite is on. After the fish pig out for a few days the bite slows down. There will be plenty of bugs, but appetites are curbed a bit.

Timing is important if you are planning to hit a strong hatch. Nymph fishing prior to a hatch can be awesome. Caddis begin to move in early afternoon. The best and heaviest hatch is I the evening and after dark. Normally, fishing is best near the willows, bushes, and shores. Downstream from islands can be great. Locate a pod of fish and you can be entertained all evening. Other fishermen can do the same.

BIG hatches also attract BIG CROWDS! The Madison River parking lots were full of cars and RV’s last week. Guides were hustling to get as many trips in as they could. All in all, fishing reports were fair. Lots of bugs and fish that were full.

Match the Hatch!

Montana Grant

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