By Montana Grant

Posted: May 11, 2019

Montanans love to grill! I am starting a series of articles of my favorite recipes, tricks, and tips, to smoke and grill some favorite Montana game, fish, and garden goodies.

Whatever grill you have is fine but be open minded about new ideas. For years I was a charcoal king. I debated and argued how wonderful they are. I also was a dedicated propane guy. Now I am a Traeger smoker grill guy. I have to say, that the Traeger pellet grill is amazing. Proof is that I have not burned or ruined anything on the Traeger grill.

Traeger grills offer a simpler, cheaper, and fool proof way to grill. The secret is the steady and consistent smoky heat that works with the touch of a button. Pellets come in a variety of flavors. I am still learning to use the Traeger but pride myself on pulling an entire meal off the grill at the same time. It takes longer to cook on a pellet grill, but the food is worth waiting for. You never get a flare up or can char your food. The food will be smoked and cooked completely without getting crispy.

The Traeger club offers a website with great recipes and help. The beauty of this grill is how little you need to do to create a perfect meal. Once the meal is o the grill, you rarely need to open the lid. The first thing that they suggest you grill is a whole beer can chicken. 90 minutes without opening the grill and you will be amazed. Pellets are also cheaper than charcoal and propane.

Fish is also amazing on a smoker pellet grill. Not fried or burned. Just savory, delicious and simple. The Traeger I have came from Costco and has an oven feature. I can warm and prepare breads using this feature.

Whatever grill you prefer, search for new tips and tricks online. Become a master of your grill so you too can be Killin your Grillin!

Montana Grant

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