By Montana Grant

Posted: June 15, 2019

When we pass across the rainbow bridge into hopefully heaven, what memory can we leave behind? How will the world know we were here?

This week Montana Lin and I took a trip through Yellowstone Park. It is nice to live close and be able to take a day trip into the park and come home the same day. We encountered all the usual obstacles, scenery, and critters. Buffalo were marching down the roadways, foreigners were following the leaders waving flags, idiots were passing slow traffic in dangerous areas, and they are working on the road some more from Norris to Mammoth. When will that ever be finished?

The other thing that amazes me are the MONSTER RV’s that folks use so they can say they went “camping”. Are you kidding me? This isn’t camping, its being a road and campsite hog. The tiny campsites were mapped out years ago for small rv’s and tenters. Trying to jam a monster 30+ foot RV into a tiny pull off campsite is a joke. Then they sit in the camper, crank up the generator and watch TV. Those HUGE campers have everything from satellite tv to rooms that morph into giant spaces for an old guy, his wife, and a chihuahua. What’s the point in camping?

Anyway, so when you die… As we left the Park and headed north toward Livingston, we stopped at my favorite overlook on the Yellowstone River. The river is still high and off color, but the mountains and views of the Paradise Valley are superb. Mallards Rest is a wonderful vantage point.

There in my favorite spot was a bench. A cement pad was poured, and a new bench was set onto it. The bench was dedicated to a fellow that also loved my favorite spot. We sat on that new bench and enjoyed the view. The Yellowstone River makes a huge horseshoe bend at this point on the river. The water flows toward and away from you. An Osprey was tending their nest and a couple deer were feeding across the river. Every mountain top was covered in snow. Glorious!

Having a special dedicated bench placed in your favorite place is a nice idea. Introducing others to your favorite view is a nice way to share who you were and where you have been.


Montana Grant

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