By Montana Grant

Posted: June 15, 2019


Hot dogs and hamburgers are always basic grill fare. Brats are more flavorful and fun. Every town has a specialty meat shop that often carries a variety of homemade Brats. Store bought Brats can also be kicked up a notch using this different Brat Bath style.

One of my Polish friends, Rick, always makes the best brats. His secret is slow and thorough cooking. Polish folks know how to do Brats right. His secret is in the bath. Here are some ideas to make your next Brat fest the best!

Use a cast iron skillet, or Dutch oven to melt some butter, a dash of your favorite flavored olive oil. Allow the rat Bath to be on the grill or on the side burner. Maybe try a smoked or garlic blended oil. For 10 brats try using 2 onions, ¼ stick of butter, and 3 cloves of diced garlic. If you are using plain Brats, add a tbsp of fennel seeds. 

Once the onions are soft, add a few bottles of beer. Some folks prefer a dark beer, but you can use whatever. Allow the Brat Bath to simmer with the brats afloat. Soak them for about 30 minutes or until the brats are cooked. You cab also make your own Brat Bath recipe. Try a marinara sauce with peppers and onions. For you Winos, try some red wine mixed with honey, chili powder, and mustard.

You can grill your brats first or boil them ahead of time then soak them. Rick prefers the grill for the last step. Remember, slow and thorough cooking. He does not pierce the sausage casings.

When it is time to serve them, place a brat on the grill for a few minutes to finish them. This keeps the Brats juicy and tasty. Some Brat Busters like a small bowl of the marinate on the side as an au jus.

Serve the Brats on great fresh rolls. Cheapo rolls make for a cheapo presentation. They also may not hold up as well to the juicy Brat and the goodies that you surely will pile on.

Add your favorite condiments. For a true Pollock or Slavic, whole mustard and some onions, sauerkraut will do the trick. Feel free to bring your own culture into the flavor mix. Avocado, relishes, fried peppers, etc.

Have fun and make your Brats the Best!

Montana Grant

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