PENCE in the PARK !!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: June 20, 2019

Vice President Pence visited Yellowstone Park last week. Its always nice to know that our leaders understand and appreciate our special Big Sky places and needs.

He was promoting the new $12 Billion repair and maintenance backlog in parks across the U.S. The measure is based upon using energy lease money to pay the bills. Hopefully there will be some Bi-Partisan support to the best thing for our parks. The backlog or repairs and cares is only growing along with the increased use of our parks.

Our wonderful Parks make America Great! It would be nice to see our elected officials do something other than argue, complain, and hate. The citizens voted for them to do the business of our nation not to give each other the business.

While visiting Old Faithful, the Vice President grabbed some tools and lumber to repair the walkway and decks around the geyser. It is always nice to see our leaders lead by positive example.

Old Faithful said thanks on key!

Montana Grant

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