By Montana Grant

Posted: June 1, 2019

Just what we need in Montana. Feral pigs have been observed just a few miles north of the border. These destructive ecological train wrecks are expanding their habitat. Hopefully Grizzly bears, wolves, cougars, and other predators have a taste for pork!

The Canadian Pig threat seems imminent. The growth has been measured at about 9% a year. Cold winters do not seem to be a factor in their survival.

Feral pigs are adaptable, widespread, crafty, and prolific. North Dakota sees and occasional pig or two, and like Montana, has a firm policy against these invaders. Some folks that dream about free bacon on the hoof, have tried to transport them across the country. There is a fine and law against this stocking.

Wild pigs can devastate agricultural crops, promote erosion, and destroy habitat of wild critters. The only place where pigs have not moved in is Antarctica! Pigs were first brought to this continent by the Spaniards.

With no walls or fences, the pigs will surely find their way here. Currently there is no season or limits. A shoot on sight plan is in effect.

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Montana Grant

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