Big Hole River Fishing Report by MT Troutfitters 7.7.19
By angelamontana

Posted: July 10, 2019

With the current weather system going through it will most likely put the salmonfly hatch on hold. It would still be worth fishing a bigger salmonfly dry or chubby with a nymph dropper. Clarity is around 4 feet and the flows are slowly dropping at around 1030 cfs up top. Now is prime time to send your big foam bugs under the willows and tango with Leroy. PMD’s and caddis have made an appreance on the river, so keep an eye out for risers throughout the day and into the evening.  Expect some crowds out there with the dry fly action! That being said this is a tough option to beat this week just don’t expect to have the river to yourself! Additionally, this is a great time to head into the divide canyon. There will be a few less people out fishing and the residual bite on the salmon flies can be awesome! Try a slightly smaller salmon fly or a big golden and hold on tight. This fishing can be epic!


Dries| Renegade: 16-18-20, Purple Haze: 14-16-18, Bullethead Skwala: 10-12,Britten Jay’s Salmonfly: 4-6, Bjorn’s Kamikaze Salmonfly: 4, Gorilla Stonefly: 6, Rogue Giant Foam Stonefly: 4-6, Rogue Golden Stonefly:8, Terranasty Salmonfly: 6-8, Foam Samonfly:6 Ex. body PMD: 14-18, CDC emerger PMD: 16-18, Elk hair caddis tan, olive, 14-16, Chubby: Gold, Purple, & UV, Purple Haze: 12-16

Nymphs| Bubble Back BWO: 16-18, BH Pheasant Tail: 14-16-18, Green Machine: 18-20, CDC Pheasant Tail: 12-14-16-18, Rubberlegs Olive, Olive/Brown: 6-8-10, Ugly Bug: 4-6-8, Red Belly Yuk Bug: 2-4 Coppertone Delektable: 6-8 Lightning Bug Pearl, Gold, Purple: 14-16 IED Worm: 10 Copper Johnson Yellow, Red, Blue: 12-14-16-18, Pats Rubber Legs: Olive, Black, Coffee, Tan: 8-12

Streamers| JJ Special: 4- 6 Sculpzilla’s Tan, Olive, Black: size 4-6 Haymaker Sculpin Olive, Brown: 4 Bellyache Minnow Tan, Olive: 1/0-1 Micro Zonker Tan, Olive, Black: 8 Fatheads Yellow: 2 Sex Dungeon Yellow, Rust, Natural: 2 Home Invader Yellow, Olive Space Invader: 2 Flash Fry Brown & Yellow: 2 Space Invader Brown Yellow, Tan: 2-4-6; Brown/Copper Sparkle Minnow 4-6

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