By Montana Grant

Posted: July 25, 2019

Sometimes articles that Montana Grant writes don’t sit well with others!

There are the usual anti hunters, anti-kill a fish, Fly fishermen that hate bait fishermen, tree huggers that hate forest management, vegans that dislike meat eaters, archers that hate rifle hunters, hikers that hate mountain bikers, Conservationists that hate Preservationists, canoeists that hate power boats, dog owners that hate cats owners, Drifters that hate tubers, Montanans that hate out of stators, hunters that hate wolves, grizzly bears that hate humans, and everything or something that some enjoy and some don’t!

The wonderful thing about America is FREEDOM! There’s already too much hate out there. Perhaps we all need to take a deep breath and lighten up. We are free to have a taste, attitude, argument, favorite, or opinion.

The Freedom of Speech is right at the top. We all have it. Whether our opinions are right or wrong, we all have the Right and Freedom to have them. Its ok if everyone does not agree. Come up with a better idea and present it accurately and calmly.

Let’s not go ballistic over the proper way to release or kill a fish. It’s ok to eat a few fish. Yes, I have killed and eaten fish and agree that trees and forests should be cut when mature. The Madison River and many of our precious trout fisheries are at risk of overfishing and too many guide trips. Don’t end a friendship because you disagree.

My writings are based upon 40 years in education, experience, research, and Science. I am not saying that I am always right but give me accurate responses that will correct my story. I am all ears. Save the Hate for when you stub your toe or miss the next chip shot at a 100-yard broadside bull elk.

When you lose control, you give it to the person or issue that you are angry at! Cussing, anger, noise, yelling, temper tantrums and HATE are not the way to express yourself intelligently. If you have a better idea, or opinion. please express it. Otherwise keep it to yourself. It takes time to respond intelligently. Being “Judgy” is just a knee jerk response. There are already too many haters in the world. Montanans are better than that. Our common ground is that we all love Montana!

Thanks for reading my stories!

Montana Grant

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