By Montana Grant

Posted: July 13, 2019

Quake lake was formed from a massive earthquake on the Madison River. Half of a mountain slid down and blocked what is now a world class trout fishery. Campers were killed as the mountain covered their tents. The Madison River as we know it was almost lost.

Today, Quake Lake is a wonderful underfished fishery. Browns and rainbow trout abound in this sparsely fished lake. Montana ha so many waters to fish that this unique fishery remains overlooked. That’s just fine for the few that frequent this lake.

Quake Lake is full of snags and BIG trout. I think that the next state record Brown Trout lives in this lake. Years ago, I targeted this lake at night. Using mouse patterns at night produced many BIG BROWNS. Some of my hook ups were huge. Even with an 8weight rod, I could not hold them. The BIG trout live amongst the snags. The snags are what saves them from the net.

I talked with several anglers that said the best water along the Madison is now submerged under this lake. The section of river from the Hegben Lake Dam to Quake Lake is great fun. I once guided Hank Williams Jr. on this stretch. He wanted whitefish t smoke and trout were considered trash. We filled his ice chest and he was happy.

If you want to fish a remote and underfished fishery, consider Quake Lake. Few people fish it and the fish are HUGE!!!

I am shakin in my boots!

Montana Grant

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