By Montana Grant

Posted: July 7, 2019

We all know that the Summer is a hotter season for many of us. Years ago, the days between July and mid-August were considered the “Dog Days of Summer!”

Dog Days are the sweatiest, steamiest, and most sweltering days of the year. Here in Montana, we are still waiting for the Summer to get here. Our weather has been cooler and wetter than usual. Good for water levels and fire suppression but much of the winter snow is still in the mountains.

Dog days were named generations ago. Ancient cultures used the constellations and star patterns to identify seasons. One constellation was “Canis Major” also known as the Greater Dog Constellation. In this constellation is one of the brightest stars known as “Sirius”. During the summer, this star appears to rise and set with the sun. They thought additional heat and light from Sirius made for hotter temperatures.

In fact, Sirius is 8 light years away and has no impact on the Earth. Our sun is just 92 million miles away and only 7 % of its energy impacts Earth. Sirius also rises and sets with the sun in mid-winter.

So, the Dog Days of Summer has very little to with dogs!

Ruff, Ruff!!!

Montana Grant

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