Search Continues for Missing Person in Glacier National Park
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: July 12, 2019

West Glacier, MT – Glacier National Park, partner agencies, and local search and rescue volunteers continue the search for Mark Sinclair, who was last seen on Monday afternoon.

Park staff working in the Logan Pass Visitor Center observed him leaving an unsecured vehicle, keys, and dog in the Logan Pass Parking Lot.

Park, Flathead County, and North Valley Rescue ground crews continue to search trails and drainages adjacent to the Highline Trail. The search has also been expanded to include other mountainous trail areas near Logan Pass.

Two Bear Air and helicopter support from the U.S. Forest Service are assisting with aerial searches and insertion of personnel both day and night. A Flathead County search drone is being used in areas that are not visible by helicopter and difficult or impossible to access on foot.

The public is reminded that public drone use is prohibited in Glacier National Park at all times. The helicopter and rescue drone are not flying at the same time and helicopters must land if drones are in the area because they are a hazard. If private drones fly, search aircraft cannot.

Volunteer and Flathead County canine patrols continue to search along trails, roadways, and drainages adjacent to the area.

Missing person flyers are posted in shuttle buses and various areas around the park.

Visitor sightings from Monday, July 8 support previous information that Mr. Sinclair traveled along the Highline Trail and may have traveled at least as far as the Haystack Butte area. Canine patrols have also shown interest in this general area.

The park expects to issue another update early next week, unless something significant changes with the search effort.

Anyone visiting the park who has information about Mark Sinclair’s last seen location is encouraged to call 406-888-7077.

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