2-Day Ladies Only Shooting Course hosted by Western MT Tactical Training Ctr
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2019

Location: Whitticar Shooting Range Hamilton, MT

This is a ladies-only version of our 2- day Basic Handgun Course. This class is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of how to safely handle, function and shoot a handgun. Perfect for new or novice shooters, this is a low-stress, fun-oriented course without the competitiveness and machismo of a co-ed course. Handgun ammunition types, nomenclature, common types of handguns, pros & cons to different types of handguns, proper storage, basic firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals, practical dry drills, live-fire drills, gun care and maintenance are just some of the topics that will be covered in this course.

*This course meets the State of Montana criteria for CCW permits. A certificate of completion will be provided to attach to your CCW application if you choose to shoot, and pass the qualification course.


Ladies Only!

Registration confirmation to attend must be received from WMTAC prior to arriving at any course. All applicants must be United States citizens or lawful permanent residents of the U.S. who must also be able to lawfully possess firearms and ammunition.

Necessary Equipment

Modern semi-automatic pistol or revolver. 3 pistol magazines (or speed-loaders if you are carrying a revolver), holster may be IWB, paddle, fanny-pack, tactical purse or other suitable concealed carry holster, cover garment for concealed carry range exercises, gloves, eye and hearing protections, billed cap, and water.

Optional equipment:

sunscreen, weapon mounted flashlight, handheld flashlight, batteries.

Rental guns will also be available thanks to Frontier Guns & Ammo.

Tuition: $170

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