By Montana Grant

Posted: August 11, 2019

Hooking up for annual fishing treks with friends is great fun. This year I traveled to Petersburg Alaska with my lifelong friend Tom to catch Halibut! Tom is the kind of friend that you do not get to see often that never changes. When you hook up, its like you just picked up where you left off.

We set up our trip after some outdoor show research. We settled on the Green Rocks Lodge. This Blue-Collar fishing lodge offered a good time, comfort, and equipment at a fair price. Another “buttie”, Geoff had fished their several times. And strongly recommended it. He would also be aboard at the same time.

The cards were stacked in our favor. We were excited to have a great reunion. Catching fish would be a bonus. The plans came together without a hitch. Preparation and homework came together as planned. Expectations were met and the party would begin.

Halibut are HUGE FLOUNDERS! Catching a fish as big as you are possible. Our boats and gear were ready and sure enough there was plenty of “poundage and pullage”! Our BUTTS were from 25-150 pounds! Wow! These strong fish strained our gear and nerves. Their runs were strong and scary.

Once the Butts were next to the boat, all hell would break loose. Harpooning these thick and strong fish is an adventure all its own. I was told to go “Medieval” on these bruisers. Harpoon through the fish, not at them. When done right, the harpoon would help gain control. With the help of a gaff, we slid these behemoths over the gunwales. A Billy Club or knife in the head finished the job. Now a cut at the base of the tail allowed the fish to bleed.

Make sure that you have a Great “Buttie” when Alaska fishing. The days are long, teamwork is essential, and excitement take its toll. Tom was a great Captain. He handled the boat expertly. As a team, we met the challenge of our first Halibut fishing successfully together. We landed every hooked fish and came home with full fish boxes. Both of us got a full measure of Alaska thrills and excitement. Thanks for the opportunity to fish together. Next year the “Butties” will be back!


Montana Grant

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