By Montana Grant

Posted: August 22, 2019

Catching fish is great fun. Some enjoy Catching and Releasing fish. Many enjoy releasing the fish into some hot grease!

Fish Fries are best when using Fresh Fish. There are so many recipes and techniques. Depending upon your diet and health concerns, you can prepare fish in many ways. You can poach, broil, smoke, grill, bake, or fry fish.

The most important step in having a fish dinner is what you do when you first catch them. Kill the fish quickly and place them on ice. Filet or clean and rinse thoroughly. Dry the filets or fish with paper towels before you add any coating or spices.

A fish that is hanging on a stringer, creel, or flopping around in a cooler is changing in flavor. Some folks bleed their fish by cutting the gills or cutting the tail and breaking the caudal bone. The texture, flavor, and quality of your fish is protected when covered in ice.

Cleaning your fish and losing your fish in the freezer is such a waste. Vacuum sealed or properly packaged fish are best if used within 3 months. After that, freezer burn, and flavor is lost. If you do not plan on using your freezer stockpile, give them away while they are still good.

You can also poach the fish and make a chowder or soup. Flaked fish is also perfect for fish tacos and salads. Find ways to use your hard-earned tasty filets. You can even poach the fish and prepare them like crab cakes.

Plan a fish fry and invite friends and family over. Fry up your surplus and lay them out on a platter. Fresh rolls, tomatoes, lettuce, and taco fixins will invite all to feast. Have some tasty side salads, mac n cheese, or chips and dips, for a well-balanced meal. Invite the guests to bring the side dishes and desserts. Don’t forget some “Bang Bang” sauce, Tartar, or other sauces. Place them in squeeze condiment bottles for quick application.

Fish Fry Fun is just the perfect excuse to need to go out and catch more.

Montana Grant

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