By Montana Grant

Posted: August 22, 2019

We can feel it in the air! Elk season is drawing near. The cool, damp, sunrises feel right. Hopefully, every archery hunter is Getting Bullish, and ready to start the hunt.

Getting Bullish” means planning, preparing, and practicing for the September hunt. Many elk hunters invest most of their vacation time and energy in the early archery hunt. The elk tend to be more abundant on public land and are getting ready for the rut. Late season rifle hunts are more unpredictable when the weather can push the elk onto private land. Once herded up along the lower areas, elk stay in these inaccessible sanctuaries for the winter.

Practice shooting!   Become one with your bow. Practice wearing your hunting hat, gear, and equipment to mimic a real shot scenario. Your first shot needs to be your best shot. Sight in your pins, if using sights. “Follow the hole” to adjust.

DE Stink your gear!   Wash your hunting clothes in a no-scent product. Store them in an airtight tub. Hang other gear outside to keep them scent free. You will never beat an elk’s nose, but at least you won’t make it any easier for the bull to smell you.

Scout your hunt area from afar.   Use optics and early morning/evening jaunts to locate elk. The first rule of elk hunting is to find them. You could spend weeks in great habitat where there are no elk. If you spook them while scouting, they can range away a dozen miles. The closer to the season, the less invasive scouting should be.

               Are you in shape?   Is your body ready for a hunt? Be vigilant with your physical preparation. If you can’t travel 3-10 miles a day, tagging an elk will be a lot tougher. Being physically comfortable is also important. Daily workouts are essential.

Remember, you are not a failure if you don’t fill your tag. The opportunity, experience, and fellowship are way more valuable and rewarding. If you feel like a failure if you don’t tag out, you are missing the point. Meat is cheaper from the store. Less than 20% of bow hunters tag out. Base your hunting success on a lifetime of hunts, not a season.

We all love when a plan comes together!

Montana Grant

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