By Montana Grant

Posted: August 15, 2019

Hunting dogs are tough. Magnum is the toughest. He is still the fastest and handsomest shorthair in Montana. Sadly, every day is taking its toll.

We are trying a spectrum of meds and some herbal treatments that tend to kill tumors. He is beginning to have trouble eating. He used to eat his food in 5 minutes. Now it takes an hour. He lifts it from the bowl and drops it on the floor. Then he chews one nugget at a time. We add some caned food or egg. Maybe we will use some broth instead to soften the food. I am thinking that chewing the food is painful. He also is refusing meds. We have rolled them in lunch meat, canned dog food, pulverized them, diluted them. He can smell a pill better than a ring-necked Pheasant!

The tumor is getting larger. His airway on the right side is fully blocked. He sneezes a lot to free the other airway. He breathes/pants from his mouth more. The steroids cause him to drink more water which means more pee needs. We have had a few accidents.

Colorado and Washington State have veterinary programs that are trying new techniques, but they need to see him first and there are no appointments available for over a month. In looking at the research, less than 7% of treated dogs make it another year or so. That’s way too long and not practical. We had a CT scan done and he has been seen by 3 vets. The prognosis is poor.

The good news is that he has good and better days. Despite the bump on his nose, you would never know anything was wrong. He is vibrant, frisky, smart, and sweet! The bad news is that we don’t think Magnum will make it for another hunting season. Our 15 pheasant season last fall may have been his last.

Good Boy Mag!

Montana Grant

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