By Montana Grant

Posted: August 15, 2019

Jawbreaker Joe and I headed up to the Mighty Mo for some fly fishing the other day. Things started great but slowed down fast.

As usual we left before 5AM for an early day. I hate getting up so Damn early but… We launched the boat and were on the fish quickly. Several BIG bows were welcomed to the net. Once we parked the boat downstream, I located a small pod of rising fish. There were maybe 20 trout taking emergers. Lots of spinners were o the surface but the fish were bulging under the surface.

Joe tied on one of his pre-prepared dry/nymph rigs and was into fish quickly. A larger PMD was at the top with a short dropper nymph. Lips were ripped and the action was quick. A few boats blew through where we were and put the fish down. You could only see the rising fish if you knew what you were looking for.

Trico’s were sparse and hoppers were not on the menu. I was using my size 14 grizzly midge indicator fly and a tandem Trico rig. The browns seen=med partial to this combination. We netted 20 -15 trout from 10-25 inches. Several fish over 22 inches were netted.

At about 11:30am, the lights went off. Fish were chasing and following and refusing. Only a few dinks made it into the boat. The water seemed noticeably warmer as we drifted down river.

The day was fun and relaxing. The Missouri is a wonderful fishery. The size of the fish is big, and the number of boats is small.

Tight lines again!

Montana Grant

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